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Active Trader
Aug 10, 2009
Recently, to the glory of God, I won a forex contest and I was crowned the winner in the midst of other contestants numbered more than 700 forex traders drawn from all over the world.
In this contest organized by Mcrae), I made over 2,956% in just one month, any one is free to go their website and confirm.
I built a trading system, is called F9D1 trading system, and with this system I traded in just one month and I made 2,956.16%profit, am not here to sell my trading system ok, so let everyone relax.
So, what is the news?
Am offering a free trading signal/Alert for 3days, it will all be live to your mobile phone, as am trading, I will send you a live trade alert, either to your phone or e-mail i.d which ever you prefer.
Please this is a free service, but for three days, our target is 50pips per trade. With the trading system am going to generate a live Buy or Sell signal for every forex trader for free, don’t forget with the aim of grabbing 50pips. You can reserve your seat by texting “reserve my seat” to +2348032470050, or send to my skype i.d –sadedoyin, or e-mail me
Book for your space now, by 16th August, Sunday night, 23.59GMT, the door to the 3 days free live trading alert will be shut.
The free live trading alert kicks off by Monday 17th morning 07:00GMT
Please here is my website you can see what we are doing. Thanks and happi trading to all forex traders.
Samuel A.