FREE GBP/USD Forex Signals That Make 300-400 Pips Per Week!


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Dec 22, 2012
These FREE GBP/USD Forex Signals make on average 300-400 pips per week. Average stop loss is between 30-50 pips and each trade aims to make 100+ pips which gives an average reward to risk ratio of 2:1. You can subscribe to our FREE GBP/USD Forex Signals that we post daily in our Swing Trading Signals Facebook Group on a daily basis.

GBP/USD is a highly volatile pair. Many traders get chopped when they try to trade this pair. The average daily range of GBP/USD pair is 150 pips while that of EUR/USD is 100 pips. GBP/USD moves far more than EUR/USD on a daily basis. If this movement can be tapped into successful trades it means a lot of pips on a weekly basis. We have a swing trading system that we have specifically developed for GBP/USD and EUR/USD pairs. This swing trading system uses divergence patterns combined with S/R, Fibonacci and Candlestick Patterns to make the entry and exit decisions. On average a trade can last for a few days. We post our daily FREE GBP/USD Forex Signals in our Swing Trading Signals Facebook Group that anyone can join FREE. Take a look at the following screenshot!


Did you notice a long bullish candle in the middle of the chart. This is what happens when GBP/USD related news gets released. GBP/USD pair was nicely trending down when on the release of favorable GBP Inflation Report, it shot up 150 pips in just 60 minutes. So if you had been sitting at the time of the news release and you had read the market correctly you could have tapped in 150 pips in just 60 minutes and taken the rest of the day off.