FREE Forex Signals for 10 Feb session


Active Trader
Hello everyone!

It's been quite a while since I've posted to the site and thought
I'd make a few more in the free signals section for you all.

My signals have got off to a great start in 2013 and plenty of
pips have been banked so far. I'll be giving you my 'base' levels
in this post, but when trading I use another strategy, which is
not covered here and produces more profit each week.

In any event, see what you think and do what you wish with
them. After a few more weeks of posting, you should start to
see a trend regarding their accuracy. Anyway, here they are...

EUR/USD LONG @ 1.34102 Short @ 1.33162
GBP/USD Long @ 1.58416 Short @ 1.57536
USD/CHF Long @ 0.92150 Short @ 0.91330
USD/JPY Long @ 93.148 Short @ 92.288

Good trading!