FREE EA Predictor / Automated Trading System / Forex !!


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Oct 26, 2009
We offer here really good Expert Advisor (EA) “Predictor”.

The trade algorithm of this advisor bases on Neural Networks and now we can say :

It is an Expert of New Generation which will give you constant and stable profit for long time !!

This is a result of our hard work and we are very happy with results now.

* It is very simple in use!
* It is effective to use in either a standard or mini Forex account !
* EASY to Get Started - you can start to work with this trading system at as soon as received !
* It is completely automated system !!!
* 100% profitable trades.
* Automatic calculation of the size of a position (MaxRisk). Risk can be adjusted from 1-30% this gives to traders greater flexibility and peace of mind .
* Limit for the maximal size of a position (MaxLots).
* Opening and closing of orders carried out automatically - does not demand your presence !
* EA all will make independently! (Your computer and the Internet should be "OnLine" always).
* Each our adviser has unique "Magic Number".It means: you can use more than one adviser in one trading account !!!
* 2x different trading strategyes are used
* 2x levels TakeProfit: 1х dynamic (invisible to the broker) and 1x reserve - it give a positive effect at trade on real accounts
* 2x levels StopLoss: 1х dynamic (invisible to the broker) and 1x reserve