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Apr 7, 2011
IBFX Australia is a sister company to the award-winning US brokerage Interbank FX, one of the largest forex brokerages in the US. The Interbank FX Family is popular for its low pricing, extremely fast and reliable order execution, friendly customer service and free trading tools.
IBFX Australia is the go-to brokerage to invest in currencies, offering 25+ different currency pairs. The IBFX Australia customer ranges from the institutional money manager to the retail trader, and will often times be familiar with investing.
It is very easy for customers to open up a live account with IBFX Australia. The average customer can complete the online application in just a matter of minutes.
IBFX Australia is a provider of online forex trading services, offering individual traders, money managers and institutional customers proprietary technology, forex trading tools and forex trading education to trade foreign currency online. As a leading online forex broker, IBFX Australia has distinguished itself among currency trading industry leaders with its unique multi bank liquidity feed, proprietary forex tools and services with a remarkable focus on customer care. The IBFX Australia trading platform, MetaTrader 4, provides a fusion of flexibility and performance to optimize the forex trading experience. Explore all the features and benefits provided by IBFX Australia by opening a free demo account.