Free Bird Forex Signals (Profitable system that has won for years)


Mar 8, 2011
Sunday, November 20, 2011

NOTE: We have not posted for a few weeks due to very choppy market conditions.


Signal 1:

Currency Pair: GBP/JPY

Entry Order: BUY @ 121.79 stop

Stop-Loss (S/L): 121.41

Take Profit (T/P): 123.85

Signal 2:

Currency Pair: USD/JPY

Entry Order: BUY @ 77.05 stop

Stop-Loss (S/L): 76.72

Take Profit (T/P): 79.55

Pending orders should be cancelled if not triggered by the close of the trading session.

Open trades will be assigned updated S/L and T/P levels in the following trading session.

If you're interested, we execute these trades through an Institutional quality ECN broker. I am sure some retail feeds and other ECN's will show different prints. Any discrepancies in fills, stops, limits, are unavoidable and unintentional.


If you do NOT have iron discipline or an edge (that you can quantify), the Forex market will either:

eat you alive, drive you to drink, lead you to beat your wife, or give you ulcers. Only trade with risk capital as there is a risk of loss. Money management is very IMPORTANT!