ForexStart - Russian broker #1


Feb 3, 2016
Good afternoon! My name is Kevin, I am Deputy Manager of DC ForexStart.
I represent our company and I'm ready to answer any questions.
We offer the best conditions and I hope you'll evaluate them.
The bonus is 500% at cash-in.
We provide the best spreads (from 0.2 pips at main currency pairs)
Instant crediting.
Overlapping of a cumulative position each few minutes and a true coming to bank from 1 lot.
A very convenient system of investment into traders.
There is a unique program of investments into traders - from 100 to $1 000 000.
We work more than 7 years and we are the largest broker by number of clients. There are more than 1 000 000 accounts.
Daily, there are 200-300 registered real accounts.
I will be glad to your comments.

Yours faithfully. Kevin Ford"
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