Forex trading using Artificial Intelligence


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Dec 19, 2008
Did you know that 90% of Forex traders are actually losing money?

Here are the facts:

90% of traders are losing money
5% of them are breaking even
4% are making a moderate profit
1% is extremely successful?

Why? Because Forex trading is not as easy as some of the Forex eBook marketers led you to believe.

Apart from needing a good trading strategy, you need money management and discipline.

Although there are many eBooks available on the Internet about Forex trading, and some of them may even describe useful trading strategies, most traders are having problem maintaining their discipline and money management.

This is where Autotrader robots come into the picture.

Using AutoTrader, you get rid of one of the biggest obstacle facing most traders:

Forex-Ai Autotrader is one of these systems, enforcing trader’s discipline, buying automatically, opening and closing trade positions.

Forex-Ai Autotrader is much more than that, however. It also has money management built in. It automatically determines, based on your portfolio balance, how much each trade can risk and changes the size of the orders to ensure that even when it incurs a few consecutive losing trades it doesn’t wipe off your portfolio value.

And the 3rd important factor is the actual trading technique. According to most experts, this accounts for about 30-40% of success.

The Forex-Ai system will not let you down on that front either. The creator of the Forex-Ai system is not only experienced in Artifficial Intelligence, but also an active trader with many years of experience. Hence the reason that this Artificial Intelligence-based trading system produces much better results than others.

It uses at least 3 external data series (by default it uses EURUSD, Gold and Crude Oil) and an internal neural network to make decisions when to go long or short in the EURUSD currency pair.

Although the actual details are not revealed on how it actually processes those 3 inputs (In fact we are not sure if it doesn’t use additional hard coded additional data), we know one thing. It works!!!

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Outrageous stats...

Thank you for stating the REAL statistics. In my opinion, this is why new traders need to educate themselves as much as possible before trading with real money. It only takes a couple bad trades and you can lose your entire account. So, it pays to know what you are doing.

The place to start is the basics, then go from there. The best traders in the world are EXPERTS at what they do and they have had to learn through experience.

Using an expert advisor can take some of the risk out of it and it can allow less experienced traders to make money, but the more educated person will always benefit by his knowledge.