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FX Trader

Aug 2, 2011
Hi all, nice to see lots of friends interested in forex trading nowadays.. we all know that forex trading is consider high risk games and you can earn a lot if you are good enough.. but same thing happen if you are unlucky in the trend :eek:
After few years of forex trading, i really feel tired of this games.. i started using Fx robots or EAs.. it was good in the starting but :p not that performing after a while.. :confused:

only recently, i met one guy with his own strategies... but he refuse to sell his strategies as he said he done his homework before trading.. well, fair enough.. i started to negotiate with him and hoping that he will trade for me... and he agreed.. that's how we become partner in our new forex business..

For those who think that forex cannot make money may be you can think of another way to do it.. by let people like us to trade and monitor for you.. of course, we charge commission :D

please email me at for more info.

we will send our account statements if requested.. thank you and happy trading.