Forex SunRise Indicator & TrailingBot v.2

Farid Berk

Jun 19, 2014
Hi all,

Here is perfect indicator for daily trading & TrailingBot. In few words:

Forex SunRise Indicator has Buy/Sell halls which are based on support and resistance calculation. There is a Signal ARROWS as well (alerts inform you as soon as arrow appears on the chart). Blue arrow means BUY, Red arrow means SELL. Easy to use & make Pips.

Forex TrailingBot v.2 is not a robot or indicator. This product is best clue for manual trading that allows you to "forget" about Stop Loss and Take Profit installations. It works on all currency pairs, timeframes. Just set SL/TP levels and check trailing SL parameters in menu for each pair and GO. As soon as you make an order by using Buy/Sell script, Forex TrailingBot will set SL/TP automatically and trail SL as soon as price reaches a certain level.