Mar 21, 2021
What Is Forex Spectrum"?
Forex Spectrum.png

This awesome indicator is made to gain amazing profit being absolutely easy-to-use.

With "Forex Spectrum" you’ll constantly feel confident whether you’re a newbie in trading or an experienced Forex trader.

It works on all major pairs and M30-D1 timeframes. Three adaptive Take Profit levels clearly depicted and colored corridors on your chart together with other features will assure you to make the right choice.

All you need to do is just choose the trading style you’re comfortable with, and "Forex Spectrum" will notify you when it’s high time to make your splendid trades.

You’re just one step ahead of undreamed-of profitability!


"Forex Spectrum" works great itself! But "FX Spectrum Assistant" will help you to minimize your time investment and maximize your profit! When a new powerful trading opportunity comes up, "FX Spectrum Assistant" will detect the best BUY, SELL, TakeProfit and Stop Loss levels individually generated by the "Forex Spectrum".

All you need is to choose the option you prefer more by clicking one of the buttons, and "FX Spectrum Assistant" will control all the process and exit the trade for you (with all the required settings) once one of the Take Profit levels or Trailing Stop is reached. Yes, it’s that simple!

One of the most powerful features of "FX Spectrum Assistant" is the Trailing Stop option. To activate it, simply click the "ON" button under Trailing Stop and then choose "Enter With Trailing Stop". When you decide to open the trade as the Assistant offers you, this will command "FX Spectrum Assistant" to open the trade and immediately set the Trailing Stop.

Once a trade with a Trailing Stop is open - Trailing Stop will always follow the current price at a fixed distance. It will automatically move closer to the current price every time it goes further away from your Entry Level… Thus, securing you more and more profit with every price movement!

And when the price starts going against you, this trade will automatically close with profit as soon as the price reaches the Trailing Stop level. This feature is extremely helpful and powerful!

Trailing Stop also enables traders to make at least a small profit in scenarios where the price doesn’t have enough momentum to reach any of the TakeProfit levels.

How Forex Spectrum System Works?

"Forex Spectrum" is based on advanced technology to provide you with superb trading opportunities with guaranteed security and stability.

The generated signals stay fixed and never repaint, you can stop worrying that the indicator changes its mind.

The indicator generates 3 Take Profit levels in sequence depending on the market volatility and adapting to the power of the trend.

When the price reaches the first Take Profit level depicted as a blue corridor, the second one appears (as a green corridor). The same principle defines the appearance of the third Take Profit level (depicted as a red corridor).

The colour corridors make it easier to visualise the range of profitable pips and show the beneficial levels to exit the trades.

In addition, you can choose the trading style that suits you: Conservative, Medium, Aggressive or Custom that allows you to change the settings manually. These Trading Styles determine the frequency and range of TP levels.

The powerful algorithms free you from guessing, uncertainty and hesitation. Years of experience have helped us create "Forex Spectrum" that reads market fluctuations and highly accurately determines the most favorable conditions for trading.


If you prefer to spend less time on the computer analyzing and monitoring charts without missing opportunities to have a great profit, then "Forex Spectrum Kit" is definitely your best decision!

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