Forex Signals - Copy trading - Free for lifetime


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Apr 22, 2019
Free Forex Signals for lifetime, offer valid only for 1 week.
Grab your deal now.
200+ USD profit per month.
Copy our trades directly from our master account

- USD based account with 1000 USD deposit
- MT4 trading platfrom
- XM standard account (non EU clients) X leverage Account with TradeView Markets (for EU clients)
- Leverage 1:500 with XM and 1:400 with TradeView Markets
- Windows based PC or laptop (VPS optional but recommended)
- 1 hour of your time to set up the copy trading, Once set up is done we do all the trading for you so you don't have to.
- Open a trading account using the links provided:

XM Global:

TradeView Markets:

More info on the offer you can contact us via:

Facebook messenger:


Due to the short time-frame of this offer please contact us as soon as you have applied for a live account so you can be eligible for the offer and to avoid missing out due to pending document approval.

Few more details here and what you can expect when you subscribe to our signals and a few possible scenarios for your account.

- We are using a very strict risk and money management to keep the account safe
- We are using a hedging strategy on our account to minimize the account exposure and we use TP as both TP and SL.
- We trade small volume on major pairs EUR/USD, NZD/USD, USD/JPY and AUD/USD
- Trading is done on daily basis and small profit is made daily which can add up to 200+ USD per month depending on the market conditions. Remember trading is not about how much you make but how much you don't loose.
- Once the copy trading is set up there is no action required from your side.
- Both brokers offer a VPS we would highly suggest to apply for a VPS. The profits will easily cover the cost of the VPS and you an run your platform 24/7
- All trades are open anywhere between few minutes to few days
- It is not possible to start with less than 1000 USD due to the very strict funds and risk management we have in place

Now here is a few possible scenarios based on your patience level that you can apply to your account:

- For the ones with no patience: You can start withdrawing profits after the first month of trading, leaving a 1000 USD on your account as balance and withdraw any excess profit

- For the ones with patience and the one we recommend: You can expect a 100% profit in around 4-5 months on your account. We would suggest to keep the first 100% in your account and use it as additional balance to keep your account secure. Remember no matter how good the trading is you never know what will happen in the market in the next moment.

- For the ones with even more patience and the second option we recommend: You can expect a 100% profit in around 4-5 months on your account. We would suggest to keep the first 200% in your account and and keep the 3000 USD balance in your account. Then you can contact us and we can add additional 2 pairs to your account account GBP/USD and USD/CAD for higher profits and a total of 6 pairs traded.

If you find the requirements high please keep in mind that you do not have to trade or no action is required from your side one the initial setup is done. All the trading is done by us and it is copied directly to your account from our master account.