forex signals and expanding triangle elliott wave

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Feb 3, 2019
forex signals and expanding triangle elliott wave

gold Free forex signals live from the best accurate forex signals provider


SELL @ 1321

TP @ 1311

SL @ 1326

free forex trading signals today Description by text

GOLD XAU USD is preferred to sell on Gold market

trading type order is Market Execution

Take profit TP @ 1311

Place stop loss SL @ 1326

analysis of Free forex trading signals

gold Trend : gold move in sideways trend during last week

expanding triangle elliott wave is the Price pattern recognized for free forex signals live today

gold price touched the lower line of expanding triangle two times

and gold tested the upper line of expanding triangle twice before and now price test the upper line for third time that generate sell gold forex signals

the currently bullish wave is equal 1.38 Fibonacci EXPANSION of previous wave

Important resistance level today is 1326

small shooting star Candlestick pattern formed on hourly chart

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