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  1. Final_Epic

    Final_Epic Trader

    https://twitter.com/Trade_Signals (@Trade_Signals)

    All trades (entry and exit) are timestamped on Twitter.

    September trades:
    +252 pips net profit (too many to list individually)

    October trades:
    GBP/AUD short closed on Oct 10 (Profit: +32 pips)
    EUR/AUD short closed on Oct 10 (Profit: +62 pips)
    USD/CAD long closed on Oct 23 (Profit: +63 pips)

    November trades (to date):
    AUD/USD long closed on Nov 4 (+5 pips (BE+5))
    EUR/NZD short closed on Nov 7 (Profit: +110 pips)
    NZD/JPY short closed on Nov 13 (+15 pips (BE+15))

    Open positions:
    GBP/AUD short from 1.5545 (opened Oct 17) (currently up +335 pips)

    Haven't posted a losing trade since September, but that month still came out +250 pips in the green.

    Will post trade results individually now moving forward.

    Live calls (signals), as always, are tweeted via Twitter.

    https://twitter.com/Trade_Signals (@Trade_Signals)

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