Forex Price Flip FREE Video-Genesis Of The Head Fake Trading System!


Master Trader
Dec 22, 2012
Forex Price Flip is a genuine forex strategy that has been developed by a former Chief Bank Trader Tom Strignano Alongi. Forex Price Flip Strategy is based on his famous Head Fake Trading System. Head Fake Trading System accurately predicts the turning points in the market ahead in time. Forex Price Flip Strategy works very well on multiple timeframes especially in conjunction with the Support and Resistance levels. An automated version in the form of an Expert Advisor has also been developed by Tom. A Supervised Trade Copier STC is also available that does not require the download and installation of the EA on your own account. This STC option connects your account with the master account and copies the trade directly from it. You should watch this Forex Price Flip Genesis of the Head Fake Trading System FREE video in order to understand how this strategy works.