Forex-Metal Daily Analysis -26/07/2011


Master Trader
Jul 12, 2010
Credit rating of Greece reduced by the Moody’s agency.

Asian and European trading session:
Euro: Euro fell after the announcement that the rating agency Moody 's reduced the Greece credit rating to Ca from Caa1.
The EUR /USD pair showed maximum of $1.4400, but could not overcome this strong resistance level, which led to the pullback to the area of $1.4358.
US Dollar: The dollar updated a historical minimum against Swiss franc after the U.S. Senate on Friday failed to adopt a plan of the Republican Party, called the «Cut, Cap, and Balance».
British Pound: The GBP/USD pair showed a maximum at $ 1.6330 and then started to decline, it remained in the range $1.6260 - $1.6310.

Japanese Yen: Today the head of the Central bank of Japan, Shirakawa, said that growth in the yen may have a negative impact on the economy, pressuring corporate profits and sentiment.
The USD/JPY pair started the session in the range of Y78.20 - Y78.60 and could not overcome it.

American trading session:
Canadian Dollar: Canadian dollar rose as investors sought save-heaven amid concerns about possible default of the United States. Support for the Canadian dollar was also derived from the speculations regarding the possible increase of the interest rates one more time this year.
British Pound: British Pound remained under pressure ahead of tomorrow's publication of the report on GDP for the second quarter. The nearest support-$ 1.6261. The following may decrease to $ 1.6232. The nearest resistance - $ 1.6340.
Swiss Frank: Swiss Frank strengthened as a save-haven asset. Also on this background, the Japanese yen is supported against the major currencies, including the U.S. dollar.