Forex-Metal Daily Analysis -16/03/2012


Master Trader
Jul 12, 2010
The Swiss National Bank raised its forecast for Switzerland economy’s growth at today’s meeting.
Asian and European trading sessions:

Euro: The EUR / USD pair pulled back from yesterday's low of $ 1.3003 and strengthened in the area of $ 1.3082 by the end of European trading session.
US Dollar: During the Asian session, the dollar continued to strengthen against major currencies. Again, support for the dollar provided the strong macroeconomic statistics from the U.S. and the decision of the Fed Reserve about of not announcing the Q3 program.
British Pound: The pound was pressured by the Fitch international rating agency publication regarding the rating outlook of UK.As it was announced, the rating outlook of UK was downgraded to negative from stable, while the long-term sovereign credit ratings was confirmed on the AAA level. The GBP/USD couple traded in the quite narrow range during both sessions, $1.5633-$1.5686.
Swiss Franc: The Swiss franc rose against its competitors after The Swiss National Bank raised its forecast for Switzerland economy growth at today's meeting. Also, The Swiss National Bank kept its interest rate unchanged as it was predicted.

American trading session:

Euro: The Euro increased against the dollar on news of the IMF’s approval of the aid package for Greece. Also the publication of the Standard & Poor's agency decision of putting the new Greek bond rating to the level of 'CCC' had positive impact on trading dynamics of Euro currency.

Oil: The WTI Oil futures after consolidation at the level of $105.5 which occurred before the report of the Mr. Obama. The US president said that the U.S. and Britain agreed to cooperate in efforts to reduce the growth in gasoline prices. April WTI futures suffered big intraday loss to 103.77 dollars per barrel on the NYMEX. Then they were able to recover to break down level of $105.65 per barrel.
Gold: The price of gold on Thursday recovered upwards after a significant drop at the previous day. The April Gold rose on COMEX today to the level of $ 1651.9 per troy ounce.