Forex-Metal Daily Analysis -13/05/2011


Master Trader
Jul 12, 2010
Drop of the euro and the pound.

Asian and European trading sessions:
Euro: Thursday saw a considerable drop of the euro during the European trading session. The EUR/USD pair traded below the $1.4150 minimums. Stock markets decreased, which pressured the high-yielding assets. In addition, the Euro-zone statistics demonstrated negative Industrial production level, which turned out to be below the forecasts.
US Dollar: Morning trading demonstrated some increase of the greenback rate. But later the US dollar dropped.
British Pound: Following the euro, the sterling dropped to $1.6250 minimums. Release of the negative UK fundamentals pressured the sterling. Industrial production for March turned out to be 0.3% against its expectations of 0.8%. Manufacturing production for March was 0.2% against its forecasts of 0.3%.
Japanese Yen: Japanese yen strengthened due to the dropped demand for the risky assets.
Oil: Oil showed some increase during the daily trading and reached the $100.10 level per barrel.

American trading session:
US Dollar: The publication of the US fundamentals during the American trading session did not render any support to the greenback. Initial jobless claims increased for 434K against the forecasted 430K.
Euro: Against the background of the weakening American dollar, greenback competitors managed to win back their previously lost positions. The EUR/USD pair grew and reached the $1.4250 level.
British Pound: The GBP/USD pair grew and reached the $1.63 mark.