Forex Megadroid - 38 Years of Trading Experience, developed in to a Forex System

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Forex Megadroid​

The Forex Megadroid is the latest Forex System released on the Internet, with the popularity of the Forex market and an increased focus on forex systems, two experienced forex traders decided that they would develop their own forex system which would provide a built-in mechanism that allows this forex system to adapt to multiple conditions in a forex market.

The forex megadroid has been developed by John Grace and Albert Perrie both who are forex traders and have 38 years forex trading experience.

John and Albert's forex megadroid has been developed using a profitable robot design this being;

1. Years of Trading Experience
2. Learning How the market behaves (visually)
3. Intergrating Long Term Experience into the Strategy
4. Programming computers to perfect the strategy
5. Unique and Profitable "Multi-Market Condition" Robot

Through years of Forex trading John and Albert realised that 90% of Forex robot systems were designed and developed with only a single forex market condition in mind, this is where these Forex systems failed. Every Forex trader knows that the forex market changes and it was soon obvious that these systems would only provide assistance when this certain forex market was active.

The Forex Megadroid has been developed using a unique algorithm which is able to adapt to multiple forex markets. The Forex Megadroid has been developed with consistency in mind, something that all Forex traders wish for, this system has been successfully created to perform at 95.82% accuracy which has been proved through years of testing and experimenting.

The Forex Megadroid is able to grow your trading account by at least 1000%.

You can see proof of the Forex Megadroid right here.

Forex Megadroid is the only Robot That has Unique Built-in Mechanism that allows it to be Undetected by Forex Brokers - No matter how hard they try!

Watch the video proof and find out why the Forex Megadroid is the perfect Forex system for any Forex trader wanting consistency and stability within the Forex market.

Forex Megadroid Website


For everyone that has messaged me, this is a new release and has hit the financial sector with massive popularity due to its unique system.


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Apr 4, 2009
I read with interest about all the plusses of your system as enumerated. However, all newly launched EA or systems make these terrific unbelieveable claims. I have yet to find a claim of this nature to be factual. If I were able to sue poeple who sell their products on false claims, I would be fairly well off today. I have sent back many to clickbank for making false claims, now clickbank has blacklisted me for too many returns. this is an indictment on them, not me as no one in his right mind would return a profitable EA.

Do you rate your EA above Forex Ambush 2 for profitability?

I have spent many dollars on sales outbursts just like yours, claims of terrific success numbers...only to find that yet another forex scam hits the I-net.
If you are sure that it works, why do you not make it available free, for 90 days and if the successes you claim are anywhere near as you say, there will not be a single person who will not buy.
I am sure that a sales strategy like that will make your claims substantive. If you do not accept these claims, surely there must be doubt about the claims being the truth. Remember that a good Ea will always filter through to the top.


I doubt they could ever use a sales strategy like that because they need the money up front to pay for development and advertising, without money up front they wouldn't be able to make the product popular in the first place because no one would know about it.

I am very sad to hear that you have been let down so many times, I have too in the past but never to the point where I have been blacklisted by clickbank have you tried emailing them and telling them why you returned so many products?

The product is the best I have ever bought, its not perfect and yes many claims on products like these are generally unrealistic but these are bold claims which can be met. Obviously the product is not one hundred percent accurate, however it doesn't say that.

The main difference with this product is that the algorithm allows the system to adapt to changing market conditions which helps keep the system accurate and consistent. It is worth trying out, but if your expecting some sort of miracle then look elsewhere.

None of these forex systems that have been created are supposed to be 100% accurate or make traders money automatically, although that can happen they are supposed to be used as tools to help forex traders like myself in the forex market. They are tools to be used whilst using your own experience and knowledge.

Personally I use a couple of tools to test the market, and this is one of them. This is among the best system I have used yet and I hope in the future more tools are built on the grounds of this tool.