Ben Lundin

May 12, 2021
I am a web promoter and marketing expert in finance niche.

We generate Forex Active Traders & Newbies leads through "Live Conversations" through all major social media networks and "Email Marketing" country wise.
I completely understand that we can deal for a long term only If I deliver potential leads (people who're really interested in trading or who're already trading).
Anyone who is interested in purchasing Forex Traders and Newbies leads, please reply with your requirements so we can discuss further.

GEOs: Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Australia, New Zeland, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic

We replace all kinds of bad leads:
- under 18 years old
- the phone turned off
- did not make any deposits
- wrong person
- wrong number
So, as a result - you pay only for potential, good and correct leads.

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