forex is a zero sum game

Zero-sum is a situation in game theory in which one person's gain is equivalent to another's loss, so the net change in wealth or benefit is zero. A zero-sum game may have as few as two players, or millions of participants.

The Euro usd was 1.10 about 20 years ago , it is still the same .Very difficult to make money from forex , after spreads eating your technical edge.99 % of forex traders lose due to trading psychology.This is why forums hide psychology sections. Forums work for brokers, rely on broker's money , so they only feed you the information, that brokers and vendors want you to believe.

99 % of traders will actually lose money due to their mindsets, this because all our trading is done by subconscious mind.

The idea of retail forex is get suckers to "buy the forex dream"

Property returns across the world have given more than 20 % a year .When you are learning , you have to ask questions from all these internet marketeers starting forum threads on

"Forex will make you rich"

"Trade forex for a living"// earn forex and get rich.

The forums ban members or revoke membership , if you post against the forum paymasters.That is the crooked forex game.

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Dec 23, 2018
I dont know one single trader who is keeping open position for 20 years. It is not the point of forex. The point is to benefit from market’s volatility in a relatively short period of time. And zero sum game means that in order for somebody to win, somebody else needs to lose