Forex Humanoid - $8,240.00 made with just 3 secure trades


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May 5, 2009
Do you know that a new forex automatic software has been released recently? The robot is Forex Humanoid robot.

I can see that Forex Humanoid solution is already creating a lot of hype in the forex community.

Since many automatic trading system will failed to meet the expectation, I couldnt care less about this forex robot.

However, my friend who recommended me ask me not to be sceptical and approach it with a open heart.

What do you think are the features of forex automatic software that could make you pay more attention to Forex Humanoid system?

Let me share with you the various observations during my usage with Forex Humanoid solution.

I will talk about the trading methology, pips profiting success rate and other crucial aspects.

1. The differences between Forex Humanoid solution? How unique is it comparing to other automated forex trading software?

I must say it was boring to test out this forex robot.

It didn't make many trades nor find any trades that comprises the profits I was looking for.

It was hard to be convinced with this automated forex trading software as trades were short and small. Till the market started to move and profits came in , my opinions changed.

My capital started to grow multiple times during the few days of consecutive trending period. The trading was constant and profits came rushing in.

From what I see, Forex Humanoid software prefers to take consecutive trades during favorable conditions. It doesn't take trades always thus a patient approach is neccessary.

2. Can you tell me what kind of wins does Forex Humanoid have?

The automatic trading system does win quite often but will easily take 2-3 lost trades during 5-8 consecutive wins

So from the past few days of trading, this forex automated trading solution is currently making some very high accuracy trades.

The automated forex trading software would use a bigger stoploss and profit target if the conditions triggered for a longer term trade.

Naturally, the opposite situation happens when the automatic trading system is only attempting to scalp.

3. Can I really make money with Forex Humanoid robot without lifting my finger?

Are you finding it hard to control your trading discipline? Or if you are lazy to spend hours and hours looking for that elusive trade of yours?

Then you should use a automated forex trading softwaret to trade your account for you. Providing that it meets your trading risk appetite.