Forex Holy Grail - Price Range 95-100% profitable trades

Jul 14, 2021
Good afternoon! By popular demand we present our trading system!​


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Main features:

High performance 95-100% of profitable trades

Our reliable system is aimed at getting stable profit on Forex market

Trading is done in manual mode with clear rules for trading

Easy and accessibility in mastering the system

Full support after purchase

The system signals are very accurate and produce stable results, if all trading rules are followed.

The trading system is fundamentally supported by the market principles of price movement and is based on them

Can be applied to any markets: currencies, metals, indices. Recommended: major forex currency pairs

What you get:

A trading system that, once learned, will make you a profit in 9 out of 10 trades

What's included

Introduction - basic definitions (terms) of the strategy

MP price range - basic strategy

MP price range update - improved version of the basic strategy

Addition - increasing the mathematical expectation from transactions

Trading modes (setup)

Video - training video files

A collection of screenshots - transaction examples


To purchase the system, please send a private message!
Jul 14, 2021
profitable forex trading

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Good day!

We are pleased to inform you that an additional trading system for profitable forex trading has been added to the forex holy grail price range trading system.

main features:

percentage of profitable trades 70-80%
correlation risk/profit 1/2, 1/3, 1/4.
Forex major currency pairs

Additional strategy files folder Price Accumulation Area


contacts for contacting us:



convenient way of payment

Receive a complete set of trading systems by email within 24 hours

We remind you that the price of our author's trading systems at the moment remains unchanged and is $ 270

Best wishes from Mr. Grail!
Jul 14, 2021
The deal was closed on take profit

The first screenshot shows one of the basic rules of the system

there was a bullish price accumulation, the price tested it and went north

Jul 14, 2021
system trading on a real account
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A trading system based on the fundamental principles of price movement!

Who is interested to earn in the market, and not to play on the stock exchange or be in a constant search and download useless materials, which lead to constant losses of deposits!

We give really developed own trading system with learning materials, if necessary we provide full support for further learning of profitable trading

To buy a system with training materials
Send an email to
Current price $270

Persuasive please do not write the following types of people: freeloaders, gamblers, people who need everything at once, not investing their own efforts aimed at learning!
Jul 14, 2021
Breaking news!

We publish our paid strategy based on the market profile indicator "Forex Grail Price Range Update"

Standard price 270 $

If the strategy doesn't suit you, you don't pay

If you evaluated the strategy below the standard price, you pay less.

If you have evaluated the strategy above the standard price, you pay more.

It's up to each person's conscience!

Our payment details are located in the pdf document payment

Order of study:

- Training Videos
- Price Range in detail en

- 1. Introduction en
- 2. MP price range en
- 3. MP price range update en
- 4. Addition en
- 5. Trading modes (setup) en

If you need help in learning and mastering the system, please contact us by e-mail
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Regards MisterGrail!​


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