Jul 30, 2012
Glendale, CA, USA
Forex Fancy Bot – Long term profitable expert advisor, low drawdown, high profits, backtests and statistical analysis available on the website!
Forex Fancy Bot is a Forex robot designed to meet your expectations: low drawdown, highly profitable, robust, a reasonable number of trades each month and last but not least, nothing is hidden. Everything is fully documented, statistics and backtests (even year by year backtests) are posted on the website, just check the left menu. Backtest are valid, Monte Carlo analysis shows a very acceptable worst case scenario, parameters are chosen only after WFA analysis was performed.
Forex Fancy Bot generates around 10% per year in the worst case and more than 60% during best years while the risk is kept very low.
Forex Fancy Bot trades EURUSD only, M15 timeframe, open prices only (it only opens/closes trades at the beginning of a new bar). The average profit for a trade is 40 pips and the average loss is 20 pips, Risk: Reward ratio is 2:1.
You can find out more about Forex Fancy Bot by visiting website.
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