Forex Daily Scalper Indicator Made $14,380 In Just 3 Weeks For Rita Lasker!


Master Trader
Dec 22, 2012
Forex Daily Scalper is a new forex indicator developed by Rita Lasker for scalping. Forex Daily Scalper made $14,380 in 3 weeks for Rita Lasker from August 26th to September 20th. Below screenshot shows this Forex Daily Scalper in action.


As you can see from the above screenshot, Forex Daily Scalper made:

453 pips on EUR/USD
412 pips on GBP/USD
562 pips on USD/JPY

The overall winrate of this software was 74%. A total of 159 trades with 117 trades winners giving an overall winrate of 74%. Rita Lasker is giving full one month of no questions asked money back guarantee so that you can test her Forex Daily Scalper Software. If you want, you can download it and test it on the demo account for the next 4 weeks. Make around 50-100 trades on the demo account during this 1 month period and check how many pips you make with these trades and what is the average winrate.