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Sep 20, 2015

Fx-coliseum There is an old saying that rainbow is the most beautiful creation of God as He unites all colors into one and spread it across the skies that forms a beautiful bridge. This mystical saying shall no longer be a metaphor anymore as it is about to be applied into reality by FX-Coliseum. FX-Coliseum is an innovative Forex nexus that allows all traders from around the world to be united in one community regardless of which Forex brokers they stationed. For instance, Trader from broker A joins FX-Coliseum as Fund Manager (known as Gladiator) and recruits a group of investors from broker B without the need of opening new native trading account with broker B.

Trader whom is very good in trading can become a Gladiator (Fund Manager) that offer copy trading service (also known as fund management) on behalf of other traders while traders whom copy Gladiators are known as Followers. The Gladiator that has the highest winnings in the coliseum shall be the true hero of the Followers and shall walk away with the most income! FX-Coliseum shall offers a series of social networking functions that shall allow Followers to be always updated with their chosen Gladiators' battle results.

FX-Coliseum is always ready to offer win-win solutions for everyone in this scenario where Gladiators shall gain from their trading as well as their handsome commissions from helping their fellow Followers to gain profit while Followers shall be able to invest on multiple Gladiators and gain big profit without the need to swallow down Forex encyclopedias which shall take years to master.

The major innovation that considers as a new breakthrough for FX-Coliseum is that both Gladiator (Fund Manager) and Follower (Investor) can have cross broker interactions via FX-Coliseum without the need of creating new native account with either broker house with is tedious. This provides the ultimate convenience that every traders had never thought of! This shall also open a new path for Gladiators to recruit their Followers regardless where their Followers come from! All they need to do is to join FX-Coliseum!

FX-Coliseum – The nexus that connects all colors to form rainbow across the skies!

Think you have the skills to double up your investment capital regardless of the market trend? Making good profit via your very own market analysis techniques? Capable of recovering all your lost capital within a short time? Wanted to start up your business by offering fund management services?

Should any of the above stated reasons had hit your right spot, then you have every reasons to join FX-Coliseum now! FX-Coliseum is a Forex platform that allow Forex Professionals from every Forex broker houses to join to be a Fund Manager for investors from any listed Forex broker houses in the world! There is no need to open new accounts or pay additional fees to other Forex broker houses or FX-Coliseum!

Any Forex trader that is capable of making good profit each month is encouraged to join FX-Coliseum as you will be able to triple up your current gaining with our platform. Fund Managers from all around the world will be gathered in FX-Coliseum to fight their way to be the most favored heroes of all investors. Hence, Fund Managers shall be addressed as Gladiators while investors shall be addressed as followers! The best Gladiator shall be listed in the top list in the Wall of Fame and shall be highlighted to every followers in the world! Our facilities include social networking functionalities as well as advertisement functionalities that shall allow every followers always be updated with the latest movements and latest updates of their favored Gladiator! This shall ensure the top Gladiator shall be appreciated and always be invested by majority of followers!

FX-Coliseum has the latest technologies that shall make every Gladiator a super star in Forex industry without the need of opening dozens of trading account in every other Forex broker houses.

All we need you to do is to join us immediately and fight your way to the top!

Are you ready to face the battle of your life Forex Warrior? Grab your sword and come join us now!

Gladiator (Fund Manager or Expert Forex Trader) is basically tough Forex warrior whom is capable of helping Followers (Investors or Forex Traders) to gain great profit via Fund Management Services. Through FX-Coliseum, gladiator is now capable of attracting followers from other Forex Broker Houses without the need of having local trading accounts attachment to other Forex Broker House! FX-Coliseum also providing many tools and facilities that will allow Gladiator easily attracts the attention of Followers from around the world!

No new trading account creation needed in order to recruit fund investment investor from third party Forex Broker House
Gladiators are fully exposed to Forex Followers from worldwide
FX-Coliseum Wall of Fame and Social Network functions shall highlight Gladiator's performance to all Forex Followers
No additional cost required of using FX-Coliseum Technologies
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