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Feb 5, 2017
Boost up your forex trading with highly secured & speedy VPS hosting.

-Forex Cheap VPS servers are highly optimized for MT4/MT5 trading.

-Responsive features for individual platforms & devices.

-We are devoted to presenting our VPS hosting service at affordable market price.

Forex Cheap VPS aims to give its assistance to the forex trader. We seek to provide our clients by ultra-fast meta trading business execution facility. Our servers can satisfactorily reduce your slippage problem. Traders will encounter no downtime while hosting their trading platforms. All these have been achievable by our dedicated team members who are 24/7 available with their technical expertise.


Our key features

• Latency optimized servers (Minimum 1ms).

•100% uptime guaranteed.

•Fully dedicated servers.

•Widow based server.

•Great reseller plans that ensure 5% to 10% commission for every sell.

•24/7 client support policy.

• Full RDP access from Android, Desktop & IOS.

Forex Cheap VPS Plans

Regular VPS

-Comes into four particular categories (Lite, Xpress, Standard & Exclusive).

-Pricing starts from $5.99/month.

-Windows server (2012R2/2016).

-RAM capacity(1GB-8GB).

-CPU (1 Core-3 Core).

-Pure SSD disk.

-Disk Space (16 X2 GB-50 X 2 GB).

- 1 dedicated IP.

- 1TB to unlimited bandwidth.

-Instances 1 to 10 MT4/MT5/c Trader accounts based on RAM size.

Latency Optimized

-Comes into four different categories (Starter, Deluxe, Premium & Pro).

-Pricing starts from $9.99/month.

-Windows server. (2012R2/2016).

-RAM capacity (1GB-4GB).

-Pure SSD disk.

-Disk Space (20 X2-40 X2) GB.

-CPU (1 Core-2 Core).

-1 dedicated IP.

-Bandwidth (1TB to 4TB).

-Instances 1 to 6 MT4/MT5/c Trader accounts based on RAM size.

Business Class

-Presents four distinct categories (Enterprise, Business, Corporate & VIP)

-Pricing starts from $35.95/month.

-Windows server(2012R2/2016)

-RAM capacity (12GB-50GB).

-CPU (2 Core-5 Core).

-Pure SSD disk

-Disk Space (80X2 GB-480 X 2 GB)

-1 dedicated IP

-Unlimited Bandwidth.

-Instances 1 to 60 MT4/MT5/c Trader accounts based on RAM size.

Dedicated Server Plan

-Pricing starts from $90/month.

-Windows VPS.

-DDR3 RAM (16GB-64GB).

-Disk space (2 X 2 TB- 4 X2 TB).

-Intel Xeon CPU.

-1 dedicated IP.

-Guaranteed Bandwidth (500Mbps-1 Gbps)

Free VPS plan

-Comes into eight different categories.

-Windows server(2012R2/2016).

-RAM capacity(1GB-50GB).

-CPU (1 Core-5 Core).

-Pure SSD disk.

-Disk Space (80X2 GB-480 X 2 GB).

-1 dedicated IP.

- 1TB to Unlimited bandwidth.

Payment gateways

You can make the payment through MasterCard, bitcoin, perfect money, NETELLER, PayPal, Skrill & VISA card.

Flexible Refund Policy

Cheap VPS clients are getting 3 days’ cash-back guarantee in case our server plans are not up to the expected requirements.
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