Forex Broker: Improvement Out of European Debt Crisis


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Jun 28, 2010

Forex Broker:)---- Since Greek financial minister stated the completion of deficit reduction target in the first half year, confidence in forex market toward Greece and European crisis seems to be ameliorating. Yesterday, the improved GDP statistics in the first quarter of euro-zone also shed light on the market.

EU Commission said yesterday, Greek economic reform plan, aimed against the sovereignty crisis, was progressing well on the whole. Greek economy is entering a healthy development. Greek Minister of Economy stated that Greek government spokesman said that the government was developing policies and reforms to pave way for the economic growth in two years.

With Spanish national debt preferred, forex market is confident with the upcoming Greek Treasury auctions. It is reported that Greece will auction national debts on July 13th and July 20th, with an issue scale of slightly more than 4.56 billion euro. Some forex analysts comment that Greek domestic situation has been improving, and Greece’s financing ability in global market is accordingly enhanced.--Forex Broker: IKONFX

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By Amanda


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Aug 17, 2010

Nice post. That’s a lot of helpful information! If only I had the time to read all of them. Thank you.