Forex Angel recurring currency notifications


Apr 23, 2017
I have traded currencies in the past and, needless to say, didn't have much success with it.
The market always seemed to move against me, taking out stops or not filling my limit orders before moving in the opposite direction.

Anyway I still remained passionate about forex trading in general and I am passionate about software development, which is why I recently developed a mobile app on my own named Forex Angel, for both iOS and Android ( ).

I believe it is a useful tool for forex traders because it allows them to set recurring alerts.
They can specify a certain value or percentage and the app will notify them WHENEVER the currency pair moves by that much amount.
They don't have to sit and watch the price constantly or set a new alert every time their target price is met.

I am looking for some advice on how to market the app to forex traders. Since I am just a small guy I don't have a marketing budget. Any help or advice is appreciated.
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