FlawlessFund.com || Managed PAMM | 2014: +631% | 2015: +615%


Jan 7, 2015
Dear Visitor,

The service offered by Flawless Fund entails the creation and management of a Swiss-based PAMM account. Your money will only be traded on the forex market following high-impact economic news events. On these occasions the market can be predictable as its liquidity focuses on the current news only. This gives us the edge to constantly make money from it.

Total profit for 2014 is +631%
Total profit for 2015 is +615%

The account is located at a fully regulated Swiss bank.
Your investment is protected by the Swiss government up to CHF 100.000
Minimum investment is $5.000 or its equivalent in other currencies.

Our comission is
15% Performance Fee using high watermark
50 USD Management Volume Fee per 1 million USD traded

For all the detailed information and performance reports please check out the home page at www.FlawlessFund.com

"Fortune sides with him who dares."