first 200 pips on me digital allecoh scheme

first 200 pips on me , the rest , we will share

I will give the first 200 pips of all my weekly earnings, then we share 50/50 .I use my very profitable EA on live accounts and share the rest with the traders.

This is not an offer to solicit for funds dishonestly, but do you believe in this offer?Is it possible to make 200 pips weekly and share with investors, can traders even make 40 pips a week?

Is this too good to be true?
This was a real scam on forextsd forum , where admin allowed these people to solicit for funds. Sadly the forum closed down.

This is how allecoh fx type scams happen on forums, as in the first post.

Allecoh made me loose my whole account...
More than 20'000$ lost!
They still believe in the USD strength and are still waiting for a serious correction with a EURUSD getting back under 1.36!
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I then decided to check out the Managed Accounts service and was absolutely dismayed to find that the 'Aleccohfx Trading Team' is little more than automated Martingaler and Scalper EA's -

After reading all the good reviews here, I opened a small account with them to test them even though I was very reluctant to send my money ($1,000) sent to Beirut.

We will be back accepting new accounts and new managed accounts shortly once our Job of upgrading our services is done.


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