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Discussion in 'Forex Signals' started by MarinaBracken, Dec 11, 2009.

Which one is the excellent Forex Robots software ?

  1. Ivybot

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  2. Fapturbo

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  3. Forex Megadroid

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  1. MarinaBracken

    MarinaBracken Active Trader

    Hello I am Marina Bracken creating a poll here : Which one is the excellent Forex Robots software ? Hope u all participate in my poll.

    Forex robots are tools that assist individuals to attain their undertaking of making money on the foreign exchange market. These tools are offered in packages that have been creatively designed. There are thousands of such Forex robots offered in the market that helps to spin money.One of such Forex robot is the Ivybot. It gives you satisfactory automatic trading based on custom made technical pointers. It is a serious challenger to Fapturbo and Forex Megadroid. It is the only automated forex robot to use 4 expert advisors at the same time. It uses an individual set of forex trading system to trade each currency. This enables to get better winning rate and then better trading results. Different methods like trend analysis, technical price patterns, weighted price action, market liquidity, volatility and forward projection scanning are used in this robot.

    Vote as well as share your thoughts.

  2. Enivid

    Enivid Administrator Staff Member

    None of them. Like all paid Forex robots they aren't worth anythings.
  3. Forex ProFitMAX

    Forex ProFitMAX Active Trader

    Mostly every proffecional will tell you, that there is no good automatic trading system. I tested few good ones and every time I was loosing money (1 month test on demo). Don't try to find 100% working system or software... There is no such thing in the world.
    Market is always changing and that is the reason to this.

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