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    This indicator is very good. It changes trendline to Fibonanci with different colors & styles of lines. But it needs 2 improvement :
    1. When click Visualization Tab, even we choose only some timeframe, it still appear on all
    timeframes. Please change it to appear only timeframe that we choose.
    2. When we delete the trendline that produce Fibonanci lines & number, only the trendline will
    be deleted, but the things it produced still be on the chart. Please change it, so that when
    we delete the trendline, all things it created will be deleted too.
    Thanks in advance.

    How to use this indicator :

    Place indicator on your chart.

    Setting "TrendName" to unique value will allow the
    running of multiple copies of the indicator.
    (this allows you to use multiple fibs at the same time to look
    for areas of confluence)

    Draw a trendline where you want the fibonacci levels calculated
    (same as you would to use the MT4 fib retracement tool). Open the
    trendline properties box and name the trendline the same as the name
    at TrendName - i.e. "Fib1".

    Fib levels will calculate on next tick or you can refresh your chart.

    To make changes open the indicator properties box and make adjustments

    You can choose which levels to display, what color the lines are, what width
    the lines are, and what style the lines are all without redrawing the fib.

    To make any of the settings the "default" make changes in MetaEditor and then
    compile the indicator again.

    To make multiple settings for multiple TrendNames, make your settings
    and then save everything as a template.

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  2. Enivid

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    Can be done by adding a group of input parameters that control object visibility on each timeframe. Cannot be done via Visualization Tab because it only controls the indicator's output buffers, not the chart objects created by the indicator.

    Probably, can be done by scanning the objects and deleting the created objects if the original trendline is not found.
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  3. Andrew101

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    Fibonacci can be a great leading indicator of price targets once a Retracement level is honored. Deciding which tool to use should be a personal choice for price targets because both methods have their benefits.
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    OK, the attached version of Fibo Independence has input parameters to control the timeframe visibility. It will also properly remove the objects in case the line is deleted.

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