Jan 18, 2020
MT5 FX Robot is an extremely powerful forex robot someone called Mark Hamilton. This robot is accurate at predicting price movement. This robot’s development team also claim that “MT5 Fx Robot knows the future. “They also claim that it doesn’t matter if your beginner advanced in forex. You can easily invest in this robot to make high profits. “MT5 Fx Robot” is such a robot that can predict price movements a few seconds before they even happen! It’s not magic but an advanced IT technology that enables the robot to “see” where the price is going therefore you will always be can the right side of the market-on the winning side”-according to the developer of this robot.

Features :
  • Type: Forex robot .
  • Price: $2ooo.
  • Strategy : Scalper.
  • Time frame: M1
  • Comes with an “investor password feature “where you can log in to check all the trading results.
  • Refund : 60 days.
  • Average profits target : 3 pips.
  • Average stoploss target : 5 pips.
  • All trading results are further verified via third party website, Fx Blue & fxbook
  • Capable of trading in any forex market conditions.
  • Adaptive trading optimization.
  • Multiple daily trades.
  • Implementation of low drawdown algorithms on all pairs.
  • Maximum configurable settings.
This scalper requires extremely fast internet connection & a brokerage with a very low spread as trades are executed & finished within a minute. The MT5 Forex Robot traders 2 of the major currency pairs in the EURUSD/GBPUSD.