Fapturbo's NEW customizable version44 pro is out


Active Trader
Jan 18, 2009
Many people wanted a customizable version of fapturbo to specify their own trading hours & set their own parameters.. to experiment and optimize.. we are happy to announce its release :D

Warning: This version44 should only be used by people that are already familiar with fapturbo and want to experiment and tweak even further!

For everyone else.. please stick to the standard fapturbo 36! the CORE formula is the same.. we repeat.. the CORE formula is exactly the same but if you do not know what you are doing you will harm your earnings potential!

You can download plus read more about fapturbo44 pro in the members zone download section. The download is naturally FREE of charge as we stick to our commitment in providing you with ongoing support to make the best forex robot currently on the market even better Feel free to discuss in our forum about the pro version and see how other people tweak it.. it will result in some nice discussions and help with our research!

Have an awesome day!

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