Extinctionista vs. Humanista


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Apr 17, 2013
Most people fit within one of two camps:

1.] We can’t sustain the amount of human life on Earth. Full stop. A reduction in the human population is necessary.

2.] Not only can we sustain the population, but we can drastically raise the standard of living for everyone while also using fewer resources than we do now.

Elon Musk put it in a slightly different frame:

“Right vs. Left -- it’s the wrong way to think about it. It’s the extinctionists versus the pro-humans. And once you see that it’s extinctionist versus the pro-humans then it becomes very clear.”

He defines humanists as those advocating for human flourishing and progress, while extinctionists are perceived as embracing policies that could potentially lead to human decline or extinction.

I sit on the side of the humanistas.” – Chris C
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