Experiment. Bite off a piece of the Forex Pie


May 6, 2020
Hi friends!

As a former poker player, I’m looking for the right place to invest the accumulated poker money. For this, I decided to conduct one experiment.

The essence of the experiment:

I will trade forex. The goal is to trade at 0 or a small minus and at the same time make a profit of at least 5% of the bankroll. Bankroll is $ 2,000.

How is this possible? Where does the money come from?

I will have 2 sources of profit:

1) rebate. This is the name of forex rakeback. Here will come up to 90% of the spread (rake), which I will fill.( i believe you all know pretty familiar with them:)
2) Cashback in the Neteller system. It is with Neteller that I will make deposits with brokers from whom I will trade. Turnover rate is up to 1.2%

How i plan to work:

Since the main source of income is payments from Neteller and rebate, I need to:
a) Make a lot of deposits and cashouts
b) Make big revenue in trading. For me its same as getting good rakeback in poker

To do this, I need the broker who`s not take a commission for depositing and withdrawing funds from the account, but of course they require that I trade more positions before the cashout. I am ready for this and will trade intraday.
So I will try to open and close as many transactions as possible per day.
I also need services that pay rebates to those brokers where I will trade, luckily there are plenty of them too.

Experiment Conditions:

The test period is exactly one month. From May 11 to June 11.
Bankroll $ 2000.
The expected profit of 5 to 20% of the bankroll. It should cover even small trading losses.
Risks up to 2% in one transaction. From 4 to 12 transactions per day. at one broker. Simultaneously trade from 2 to 4 brokers. That is, the total number of transactions per day is from 8 to 48.
All the results will be published on this blog.
I hope that it will be interesting to you and you will receive useful information:)