$EURUSD view H4: A buying combo setup

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Nov 3, 2017
If you have followed our analyses on the EUR/USD, you may know that 2 scenarios are possible. For the moment there is a fight between the bulls and the bears to take control of the market. From one side, you could see a Head & Shoulders Pattern that suggest that prices might get down, or you could also see a bullish flag, and in this case prices are expected to get higher. Elliot waves analyses cannot really help us for the moment either.

We need to remain factual, and for the moment the trend remains bullish in the 4-hour time frame. A buying combo is activated in the 4-hour time frame that has been presented yesterday in the CHAT area.A good strategy is to now on go long on every combo in the 5-mni and 15-min time frame that the market can offer before the FOMC (8 pm GMT+1). It is advisable to close all your short-term positions before this main event.


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