eTrailing server side script for VertexFx system


Jul 30, 2013
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Hi Friends

You may know server side script in VTL can run even after closing client terminal. I have translated another server side script for trailing stops. This script will run on server and monitor all open positions. It will open managed SLTP order for each open positions with given TargetProfit and TrailingStop settings. After that it will start trailing the stop loss. User can change these values from User Defined Variable section Please be informed that these value must be heigher than Stop Offset of the specific broker, usually its over 20 point. So keep TrailingStop and TargetProfit value more than 20 to work the script properly.

Hope it will be helpful to make your trading life easier in VertexFx system.

Please visit here to get the script: