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Jun 24, 2013
Dear ePayments members and forum visitors!

Let me introduce myself, my name is John Robb.
I am a representative of ePayments. We would like to introduce a new payment service ePayments (www.epayments.com).
What’s the difference between our and any other services?
First of all, our company is headquartered in England; the whole structure of payment service is legally based in accordance with the laws of Great Britain. We work only with the UK banks and all customer funds are insured.
We suggest you to try our service and get a prepaid card. The Association membership costs $34.95. Click the link below .https://www.epayments.com/?i=earnforex to register.

ePayments Prepaid Card Fees:

Card activation – no charge
Point-of-sale (POS) transactions – no charge
ATM transactions, for withdrawal – $1.50
Monthly payments – no charge
Lost/stolen card replacement - $35.00

ePayments Prepaid Card limits:
Minimal card load - $10.00
Maximal ATM withdrawal, per day - $3,000.00
Maximal card load, for one transaction - $10,000.00
Maximal funds on a card, per day - $20,000.00

For the affiliate programs CoBranded card designs are available.
Internal and bank/ wire transfers are free of charge.

To receive payments via ePayments you just need to request your affiliate program partner about preferred method of payment – direct payments, internal ePayments payment (your ePid detailes required as payment reference). For exp: to make bank transfer (all required bank details for money transfer are shown on the payments page in your Member’s Area). Such payments are free of charge.

We want to give our customers the opportunity to receive payments safer and cheaper. We are for the enhancement of web-masters and affiliate programs.

We are pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with one of the exchangers which enables ePayments to offer transfer funds from WebMoney into ePayments Card! Fees for this service are 1% (min. $ 5)! Operations are carried out in accordance with the requirements of WebMoney system: WMID must be registered more than 7 days, a bank card to be tied to your WMID (detailed information about connecting cards can be found here). To process this transfer please login into member's area online in "Payments" section, menu "WebMoney To My Card".

Another great news is that we offer ePayments EUR currency Card in order process transactions in EUR! Card order is free, annual fee of 34.95 USD applies, this amount is deducted immediately upon ordering. Delivery by standard mail is free of charge, the cost of express delivery as usual 89.95 USD. You can see the possibility to order EUR card in member's area online.

We will appreciate your feedback!

Thank you for your attention.



Jun 24, 2013
Dear Members!

We are glad to announce that from today onwards we have increased the daily limit of the card loads - now you can load your ePayments Prepaid MasterCard® up to 5 times a day!
We are confident that this innovation will be highly claimed by the cardholders of ePayments.

ePayments Team