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Master Trader
May 8, 2014

EMA 5 8 Crossover Alert is a client side Alert. It uses two short term moving averages to alert short term trend changes. The fast moving average is of five period exponential moving average and the second moving average is an eight period exponential moving average. When the fast EMA cross above the medium EMA, a buy alert is triggered and When the fast EMA cross below the medium term EMA, a sell alert is triggered. The indicator plots these two moving averages and a long term moving average for medium term trend detection. The red line in chart is the fast moving average, teal color line is the medium term moving average and the yellow colored line is comparatively a long term EMA. Price above the yellow line indicates up trend and price below the yellow line indicate down trend. Buy alerts above yellow line can be used to open long position and sell alert below yellow line can be used to open short position. Red down arrow represents a sell alert and green up arrow represents a buy alert. The alerts are triggered with a pop up message and sound when the cross over happens.



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