Easy money - Earn 100$ !!!


Jul 21, 2012
OK, so here's a chance to make free money. I know how this sounds, but I'm willing to give away a part of an affiliate earnings for each new trader that I introduce to one broker.

The only two conditions are that you have a Moneybookers account and that you don't already have or had a real account with that broker. If you are interested which broker, PM me.

The thing is that you have to make a deposit of only 100$, but I as an IB will get 150$ for that. I'm willing to refund you your 100$ and keep only the 50$ because I know how hard it is to make money on forex. For every trader I introduce I'll get 50$, and you are not risking anything. I get the money from broker in the first 10 days of next month (for example, you open and fund your account on July 28th, I get the reward for you till August 10th) and then I'll send you your 100$ to your Skrill (Moneybookers) account.

It's that simple. To be sincere, you're not risking anything, I don't have any contact with your deposit, you can even withdraw it if you don't believe me, it's your money, and only yours!

So, if you are interested, PM me and you'll get the affiliate link. It's that easy to earn 100$.

P.S. If you make larger deposit, I'll still get the same amount, so I can send you the guaranteed 100$ only. Don't get greedy :D