EarnForex Am I wasting my time? 'Tinder for Forex' app?


Apr 19, 2016
At the moment I have created a 'Tinder for Stocks' http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/financeswipe/id1068916476?ls=1&mt=8. I am thinking of extending the app for Forex picks and adding some new features.

What problem am I solving? At the moment there are Forex plays all around the web. For example from BabyPips and other websites. Imagine if a lot of these ideas could be found in one central place and at the same time they are presented to you in a Tinder format (500 characters max).

e.g a Forex idea in note form and then if you like the idea you can click a 'read more' icon to see the full play on that forex website.

The other feature I want to add is a search database.

Imagine if you could search by:
-Currency Paid (e.g. USD/GBP)
-Search by Direction (e.g. Long or Short)
-Search by Analysis (e.g. Fundamental Analysis/Technical Analysis or Both)

e.g you could enter $USD/GBP, LONG, Technical Analysis and the app would search all the ideas posted for that certain criteria. Then you would be able to see plays from Forex analysis sites in a swipable format.

Am I creating something useful here for the EarnForex users or am I wasting my time?

Thank you I appreciate any feedback and views!
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