Earn 50 Pips Simply On Usual


Jun 11, 2013
Hi guys
Today i'm progressing to share with you my very own mercantilism vogue with simply earnings fifty pips. continuously keep in mind i'm telling you to urge fifty pips not bucks therefore continuously open position in keeping with your investment. don't be hurry and fall in worry of losing your cash. this can be terribly straightforward technique and that i am terribly pleased with it. this system can a lot of helpful once there's nice volatility within the market and take a look at to use it in Newyork and London session. you'll be able to use euro/usd, gbp/jpy, euro/jpy, aud/usd pairs.
here is that the strategy
1. i favor to trade with quarter-hour chart and you will select it to five minutes chart.
2. you must have RSI fourteen and momentum indicator. they're on the market in mt4 chart
3. scrutinize quarter-hour chart, and analyze the trend from H4 chart. once you see trend is downward on H4 and reading on RSI fourteen is below forty and on momentum it's below a hundred then open position for sell.you will see each the readings on H4
4. currently once more see the trend on H4 and if you see that it upword and also the readings on momentum is on top of a hundred and on Rsi is on top of forty then open position for get.
5. once you see reading on RS1 is 18-23 on quarter-hour chart then shut your sell position and once you see position on RSi is 50-65 on quarter-hour chart then shut your get position
In this approach you'll be able to simply earn 50-60 pips per day. your stop loss are fifty pips.
Good luck for your success.
please share your expertise here and take a look at it to air demo initial
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