EA Programming for Metatrader


Mar 18, 2015
Good afternoon!​

I have been programming in C++, C#, Java, mql4, mql5 for several years. I am ready to offer my services for the development advisors, indicators and scripts for Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5.
Why should you work with me?

1. Deadline. If don't manage to finish by time, you pay 20% less then the initial cost of the order for earch delayed

2. The low prices. At least it is about third lower, then other professionals my level.

3. Discounts for regular clients. Beginning with the third order, and with each next order, you will get a 5% discount. Thus the third order - discount of 5%, the fourth - 10%, etc .. The maximum discount is 30%.

4. If you bring me new clients and he came to me, they should indicate in a letter to your email and you will receive a 10% discount on your next order. Such discount is added to discount from step 3.

5. Free tips and advice. If I suddenly see that your strategy or part of your strategy is potentially non-working, I will not charge you any money for it, and offer an alternative modifications from the archive.

6. I am ready to provide any number of different EA written for my own needs for people, which want to order realy difficult expert (with the cost from 300$ ).

7. Safety. I completely guarantee you that your strategy will always be with me, I will not subsequently distribute your adviser or pass it to a third person.

8. Ability to work through the freelance service mql5.com. So You will completely protect from possible violations from my side and you can be absolutely calm.

9. Ready to discuss your order in Russian, English, Spanish. Just write to me on the language you know best.

Moreover, there are a few conditions:
1. You must have the specific and clear of Technical Specification.
2. Keep in mind that I perform YOUR Technical Specification and I am not responsible for the profitability of your strategy.
3. At the same time I perform everything exactly with Technical Specification - nothing more, nothing less.
4. The Desirable format of tasks is document word with all the details; as far as possible (in difficult situations) with screenshots.
If you have a desire to work with me, or if you have any questions - write to cayman335@gmail.com - I will be glad to answer. It isn't necessary to send you t.s. right away, you describe concisely the strategy, I tell you the time and price - and then you make a decision about the order.