e-Smart Trailing VertexFX Trading Robot


Active Trader
Aug 8, 2015

e-Smart Trailing Trading Robot is a client-side VertexFX Trading Robot that used for position management and protecting profits.

The Trading Robot provides three primary trade management features, namely, layered protective stops, scaled exits, and trailing stops. It should be noted that the e-Smart Trailing Trading Robot does not open new positions and is therefore a strict position management Auto Trader. The Trading Robot can be employed on the current symbols to which it is applied or to all active positions. This can be configured by setting to UseOneAccount to TRUE (all symbols), or FALSE (for the current symbol). It provides three profit levels identified by Level1, Level2, and Level3 parameters.

When the level 1 profit is reached as defined by the LevelProfit1 parameter, one-third of the position is closed if UseCloseOneThird is set to TRUE. The stop-loss of the position (either the original or remaining one-third) is moved to LevelMoving1 points from the entry price. This ensures that the profit is protected in case of reversals.

Likewise, the Trading Robotoffers two more profit levels, namely LevelProfit2 and LevelProfit3 with matching protective stop levels of LevelMoving2 and LevelMoving3. It is important to keep in mind that LevelProfit3 be greater than LevelProfit2 and which in turn should be greater than LevelProfit1. Likewise, LevelMoving1 should be less than LevelProfit1, LevelMoving2 be less than LevelProfit2 and LevelMoving3 be less than LevelProfit3.

By using three separate profit levels, the trade can be exited different levels based on the market conditions.
The Trading Robot provides a trailing stop feature using the TrailingStop and TrailingStep features to quickly trail the price in case of fast price movements. The trailing stop is triggered when the profit reaches TrailingStop points, and then stop-loss is set to a distance of TrailingStep from the entry price. As the position profit rises, the trailing stop is moved in steps of TrailingStep.