DXY Levels To Watch For

Jul 31, 2022
Higher Time Frame Bias: Bullish
Lower Time Frame Bias (4h - 1m): Bearish

After the DXY reacted to a Higher Time Frame Weekly price level we had a Bearish Market Shift on the 4h leading us into a bearish retracement. Anticipating that we continue with this bearish retracement we currently have the void via the Daily time frame that price has traded into. Should price continue to trade lower past the gap then we have Sellside Liquidity around price level 104.645 - 103.673 that price can reach for. That would be the most optimal area to look for price to trade into. Should price trade into this area we will look deeper at future to see if price wants to build up positions here for a continuation of Higher Time Frame bias or the potential start of a Higher Time Frame reversal.


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