Does long-term trades gives more opportunities?

Adam Smith

Dec 14, 2015
There are approximately four types of trading method. They are all based on how long you are going to keep your trade open. You have freedom to work with a trade from a few hours to about a year. If you ask any pro or advance level trader, everyone will advise you to join the long-term trades. Why do they say that? Are the long-term trades are more superior to short-term trades? Or do they help to make more profits per trades? We are going to talk about those fundamentals about the long-term trades in the following of this article. Today we will breakdown the whole of long-term trade’s merits. After reading this article we can assure, you will be wanting to switch from short-term trades to long-term trades.

No pressure on finding the position

In the long-term trading methods like ‘swing trading’ or ‘position trading,’ you have less of a headache finding a good position for a trade. Because you will probably be looking at the price charts with higher time-frames like price charts with hour or day time span. In those charts, the change in prices can be seen more significantly. Because the prices fluctuate in seconds. In minutes it seems smoother. But, it the day charts trends and key swings can be seen almost smooth as a line. So, for long-term trades like swing trading where you will be keeping a trade open for about a week. You will be following a price chart with about an hour time span. Then key swings and support levels and price trends will be clearer. It will be easier to find any good spot.

High-risk reward trade setups

The long-term traders always havean added advantage in terms of finding high-risk reward trade setups. But being a position trader you must choose Rakuten broker or any high-end brokers to have the best trading environment. Since you will be carrying your trade over more than one day, it’s imperative your brokers offer you quality trading tools. You need to assess the condition of your running trades time to time so that you can modify the trade setup according to the market demands.

Handling the open trades with care

After a trade is live, traders go in between mental pressure from that one. Because their money is put into the trade, it makes them worry. When the trade is going to be open for just a few times, the intensity of the pressure remains high. Because you are about to see the results in a very short time. But for the long trades, the time span will be bigger than forshort trades. For example, it can be for about a week. In that case, your head will not face that much pressure from trade. And it will be a more lazy time period than other short-term trading methods. So, you can see that long-term trades also helps with keeping a cool head during a trade is life. There are fewer chances of falling the trades which is running.

The chances of revenue are higher

If you know the market well, you may not need to read this portion thoroughly. As pips change more for a bigger timeframe,it is significant for any market you can find in the business. So, it would be clear for everyone to think about getting more from the long-term trades. Now, you may think that, for more profit, you have to spend more investment into a trade. But, that is not true. If you have a small account, smaller risks are also possible to coupe up with long trades. You are just investing less and the profits are going to be based on how much pips has changed during the timeframe of your trade being live.


Aug 15, 2018
For sure, long-term trades more comfortable for several groups of traders. The only thing that short-term trading is better for those who are stricktly limited in their funds.
Another important point that long-term trading works better at the stock market, as stocks likely to move directional, instead of currencies moving inside the wide range.