Do you believe in 95% accuracy?

Discussion in 'Advertisements' started by Robin Utthapa, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. Robin Utthapa

    Robin Utthapa Trader

    When we hear about 95%, it’s easy to think about the overall losers in Forex market, but I am talking about such accuracy rate. I have been using DailyPipssignal service for last 3 months and so far, I have got unbelievable, unthinkable and unimaginable results above 95%, it’s hard to explain my excitement and happiness because making money is one thing, but making it in such simple and straight forward way is simply another world and it’s easy for me to say that this is the Best Forex Signal Provider in the world!
  2. radex78

    radex78 Active Trader

    So far I am never use signal provider in my trades, still prefer manual analysis with own experience, seems very promising that you offered here, and might useful for trader that having type as investor which will seeking copy trades or ea or somthing else with small effort but making money
  3. Hafizmd

    Hafizmd Active Trader

    I think that searching for a signals provider is better on MQL5 website..
  4. WallyEdwards

    WallyEdwards Trader

    Might be possible but how long, if we talk of consistency! I would rather stick with my broker FreshForex which provide excellent trading conditions like near zero spread & no re-quote. You can take advantage of their latest offer of free EA called LOUD ROOSTER which automates your trading. This EA sells for $400 but if your new account it funded with $100 and above, then you can get this as free. This EA is based on the Candlestick pattern.
  5. ParryL1

    ParryL1 Newbie

    Any trader claiming to have a 95% success rate is either lying or trading with an INCREDIBLY RISKY strategy. Anyone can have a 95%+ win rate if they open a trade and target say 10pips (altough it could be higher) and then either don't set a stop loss or use a massivel 500+ pip stop loss. Almost all trades will eventually be winners, but it may take months for the trade to close and there will be ENORMOUS drawdowns that will result in a margin call and cause huge losses. 95% win rate = eventually blowing your account

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