Daily Volatility Breakout - VertexFX Indicator and Strategy


Master Trader
May 8, 2014
Daily Volatility Breakout Client Side VTL Indicator is based on the idea that when price moves strongly in one direction from the day open, that move is likely to continue further. It is based on previous day’s volatility, the high low range of previous day. It marks a buy line at 70 percent above the day open price, and a stop loss level 50 percent above the day open. When price cross above the buy line and holds above it, opening long position is advised.

The sell line is 70% below the day open and sell stop is 50% below day open. Short position is suggested when price cross below the sell line. The idea behind the indicator is that when price moves strongly in one direction from day open, the trend can continue in that direction.


This is a trend following indicator and positions can be kept for a few days if the trend is strong enough after breakout from the Buy sell levels. Like any other trend following indicators, it does make false signals in consolidating markets. So use Daily Volatility Breakout indicator together with other indicators to confirm the signals.


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